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Bang Kao Bay Residences. Luxury serviced residences on the tropical island of Koh Samui, Thailand.

Tranquil shores
Koh Samui, with an area of approximately 280  is the largest island in the Gulf of Siam, about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Bangkok by plane. 

The island is part of an archipelago of 80 smaller islands of which only 6  are inhabited. 

Samui is almost literally an island of coconuts and forested hills, on chalk mountains, culminating at 636 meters. Its beautiful beaches, its jungle, its hills and waterfall create a very changing landscape, rarely found in other islands.

The economy of the island depended mainly, besides fishing, on the culture of coconuts, which are plucked by trained monkeys. Samui exports more than 2 millions of coconuts per month.

Beach Villa Pool

The first inhabitants of Koh Samui settled about 1 500 years ago. They were first fishermen looking for shelter against the winds in the quiet and protected waters of Bophut bay, in the North of the island. The fishermen quickly realized that the waters around the island offered plenty of squid and all other kinds of sea-food, and inland the ground was very fertile. Quickly small villages developed and that is how the population of Samui started to grow.

The story of Samui started to change in the beginning of the 80's, when it was discovered by backpacker-travelers. These brought the creation of small simple bungalow resorts with palm leaves roofs, but the secret could not be kept for long and now the island is fast becoming a resort of international stature. 

Beach Villa Pool Terrace

In spite of the development of tourism, Samui inhabitants are determined to preserve its natural charm and exceptional natural beauty. 

Bang Kao Bay is one of a number of five star luxury resorts situated in the South of Koh Samui, which is an area still very green and quite untouched by tourist development, where it is still possible to feel the original atmosphere of the island and meet locals who are still working as fishermen or cultivating the land. 

Beach Sunrise

Set in the South West coast of Koh Samui in an idyllic and serene location, where nature reigns supreme,'Bang Kao Bay Residences', offer exclusive privileged living. 

The residences are rare in their low density layout, ensuring exceptional space and  privacy.

Beach Access

The development is absolutely beach front, offering stunning ocean views of the archipelago       stretching south over the gulf of Thailand.
    Set on the tranquil shores of Bang Kao.

Evening Pool Terrace View

The residences combine the best design features of East and West. The architectural style fuses the contemporary with traditional Thai elements to create an ideal environment, which blends the pleasures of tropical living with the function of a western home.

Beach Villa Entrance

Garden Villa Entrance

Garden Villa 

Garden Villa Upper Floor

Garden Villa Deck

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